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Achieve Maximum Kingdom Impact Potential By serving your Highest-Capacity Families

We will help your development team and leadership create a theology of fundraising that is consistent with your mission. We will help you cultivate and deepen your relationships with your highest-capacity supporters. We will help them most effectively steward their God-given resources to exponentially increase their Kingdom-giving capacity.





The True Essence
Biblical Stewardship

The concept of biblical stewardship can often be clouded by misconceptions, and its essence might get lost in translation within Christian circles. Yet, when grasped with clarity and embraced wholeheartedly, stewardship wields a profound and revolutionary influence on every life it touches. It shapes lifestyles, directs the use of time and resources, and significantly magnifies contributions to the Kingdom’s advancement.

Our mission is to guide your organization in seamlessly infusing this transformative stewardship concept into your developmental ethos. As individuals begin viewing life, both in its entirety and their personal journeys, through the lens of stewardship, an immediate and remarkable transformation takes place.

Unlock The Massive Giving Power of Mega-Affluent Families

Through our stewardship training and coaching, we will help you launch a stewardship planning ministry to serve your highest capacity supporters. This ministry will deepen relationships with them and develop a loyalty to you that will enable you to advance your organization in the process. Because of the blessing this stewardship planning ministry has been to them, they will be eager to now be an even greater blessing to you. Once families realize their substantially increased total Kingdom-giving capacity, their deployment of the assets they manage for the Lord exponentially increases starting immediately.

This is what Transformational Stewardship is all about — serving them, so they can better serve your ministry and the Kingdom at large.

Traditional Fundraising Can Leave You…

Development Training & Coaching For Your Organization

We’re here to kindle vibrant connections between Christian institutions and your most affluent families with our comprehensive and intensive training and coaching services. Our team of seasoned mentors can help you create a biblically-rooted approach to stewardship that will breathe new life into your fundraising efforts, make fundraising a spiritual exercise and not just a financial one, and magnify your influence in the lives of your most well-resourced families.

With our training and coaching, we promise to not only boost your team’s spirit and morale, we will also ignite a fresh and powerful perspective in the lives of your ministry partners by encouraging them to deploy their surplus assets to propel God’s Kingdom forward. Let’s embark on this transformative adventure together, fostering a community where stewardship and fundraising meet purpose and vision.

Services We Provide to Your Highest-Capacity Ministry Partners

These services are offered to your premier families at no cost, serving as a testament to your ministry and commitment to them.

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Leaders and Executives Are Saying

Access Long-Term Resources
With These 3 Steps

01 cultivate

We help you identify and cultivate your current and potential high-capacity families who share your vision

02 steward

You will help them discover how to maximize the Kingdom impact through strategic stewardship planning

03 partner

You will help them find God’s will and purpose for their lives and how to most effectively live it out

Start Impacting Kingdom
Advancement Today

Imagine igniting lasting impact and growth for your organization. The God-given potential is there, and Stewardship Ministries can be your catalyst and coach to make the needed changes. Every moment counts, as each day without this transformation delays the progress of the kingdom and your ministry could be making. “If not now, when, if not you, who?”  Is it time to unlock the doors to unparalleled increases in Kingdom advancement?

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How to Develop a Biblical Theology of Fundraising

Your personal understanding of stewardship will overwhelmingly dictate how you see, speak, spend money, and give. You cannot export what you have not first imported. This short ebook will help you develop a personal, stewardship philosophy that can help you live in a way that is consistent with what you believe about stewardship..

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

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