Services For Your
High Capacity Families

Partnering with Stewardship Ministries empowers your organization to extend two invaluable services to your high-capacity families.

Stewardship Briefings

As part of our coaching services, we will conduct Stewardship Briefings for your highest capacity supporters to introduce them to a radically different approach to financial and estate planning that is grounded in a biblical worldview instead of the traditional secular worldview that is routinely practiced in the industry.

We help them answer the three essential planning questions that must be answered if a family wants to do comprehensive planning. We will also provide attendees with a new way to think about inheritances for their families.

Discovery Retreats

For those families who attend a stewardship briefing, they are given the opportunity to take the next step and schedule an individual day-long Discovery Retreat with two of our team to help them gain clarity on exactly what they believe God wants them to do with all of the possessions that God has entrusted them to manage. This retreat is a deep dive into their personal histories, their families, the wealth they manage, and how to best steward it all.

As a result of this Discovery Retreat, the family will develop a detailed list of stewardship planning goals and objectives to help their advisors and the SRG planning team create a stewardship plan that achieves all of their planning goals and objectives. Because we see stewardship planning as far more of a spiritual exercise than a financial and a legal one, the questions we ask are much different than the questions they have been asked in the past and consequently they come up with totally different answers than they have in the past.

What People are Saying about What They Experienced at a Stewardship Briefing

“With my invitation to your Stewardship Briefing came Jay Link’s book “To Whom Much is Given,” and it was a direct answer to prayer. His book and the presentation helped me see that there are ways of aligning my faith and finances in a Biblical worldview. Since everyone’s situation is unique I would encourage you to read Jay’s book, attend a briefing, and pray about what to do next. Fortunately, whatever the next step, there is a team there that makes this ministry a top priority and is there to help guide us throughout the journey.”

“One of the greatest testimonies to your commitment to serve ministry partners by underscoring deep biblical stewardship insights is the hiring of the Stewardship Resource Group. As we read Jay’s book and as we heard him speak, we were delighted. He highlights important biblical principles of ownership, control, and giving.”

“I recently attended a great stewardship briefing in Fort Wayne. For those of us who are just now thinking of estate planning, it was so good to hear this high level of expertise. I am thrilled you have real stewardship planning professionals available who have spent their careers helping families plan for the future when they are gone. My wife and I look forward to working with the Stewardship Resource Group.”

“The insights presented at the briefing move the evening beyond simple fund-raising and take it to a level of important insight and empowerment.”

“Your Theology of Advancement and your philosophy of giving as outlined in Jay Link’s book, “To Whom Much is Given,” provides some wise counsel on the subject of giving and Stewardship. For those of us who the Lord has blessed with some degree of affluence, it is particularly valuable. They help you come to terms with what it means when we as believers say that everything we have is the Lord's. They help us deal with difficult issues such as what and how much should we pass on to our children. Jay Link’s book even raises the question of how can we discern God’s plan for our resources, if we only seek secular advice. For those who truly want to discern God’s plan for the resources God has given them, your Theology of Advancement and Jay Link’s book, To Whom Much is Given are must reads.”

“We enjoyed our time at the dinner. The evening got our wheels churning on how to be more intentional with our financial planning. We’re going to seek a new financial advisor who inspires us toward Kingdom goals. What a great ministry this is for alumni!”

“My wife and I enjoyed the event…thanks for inviting us. I especially liked the 3 questions – ‘How much do we need to live?’ ‘How much to give to our heirs?’ and ‘What to do with the remaining dollars?’ I don’t know if many of us process this in a proactive manner. I am planning to contact the Stewardship Resource Group for more discussion.”

Your ‘Stewardship Planning’ ministry, under the Stewardship Resource Group’s leadership, has been invaluable in refocusing our stewardship and financial planning. Their expertise is improving our family’s economic strategies and the effectiveness of our giving.”

“The Stewardship Briefing really opened my eyes, and provoked my thinking, on planning from a Biblical worldview. Their practical and Biblical guidance on stewardship has served as an excellent foundation as I look at my own patterns of giving and plan my future estate management and distribution. I would highly recommend attending a Stewardship Briefing. Regardless of your tie to any organization, the time will be well spent and eye opening.”