Development Training & Coaching for Churches

Boost Your Resources Beyond
Traditional Tithing or
Seasonal Giving

We help your church develop a formal Theology of Fundraising that will serve as the
cornerstone for how to teach and disciple your congregation in how to think about,
optimize and scale their Kingdom giving. 

A unique Stewardship Ministry for your Highest Capacity Families

The Key is to Gain Resources
Beyond The Weekly Offering

Many churches rely heavily on contributions from their
congregations for finances. So economic downturns or changes in the congregation’s
financial situation can impact the church’s finances significantly.

However, if your staff has a Biblical basis for stewardship,
and the right approach to developing deep relationships with your highest-capacity families,
you won’t need to depend on the weekly offerings alone to secure your resources.

This approach not only enhances efficiency but fosters understanding
but also provides an opportunity for those who have been blessed abundantly to
maximize their stewardship in the body of Christ.

Challenges With Conventional Fundraising Techniques Can Leave You Feeling

Development Training & Coaching Program

In this extensive development program, we help you cultivate a fundraising perspective firmly grounded in biblical principles. This approach promises to not only elevate team morale and job satisfaction within your church but also to significantly enhance ministry partner engagement. Our committed mentorship empowers you to maximize engagements with high-capacity families. This deepens their understanding of partnership in God’s kingdom and naturally escalates their contribution to your local and global mission initiatives.

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Leaders Are Saying

A Three-Step Strategy for Increasing Resources
in Partnership with High Capacity Families

01 cultivate

We’ll assist you in crafting an advancement theology that harmonizes with your church’s mission and vision.

02 steward

We help you identify and connect with your current and potential high-capacity families who share your mission values.

03 partner

By partnering with high capacity families, you’ll not only enrich their lives but also increase sustainable resources for your ministry initiatives.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get
Inside (CFRE Approved)

Development Training & Coaching For Your Organization

Organizational Training (18 hours)

Empower your team with a solid fundraising philosophy that aligns seamlessly with your faith and mission. We will work on bridging any cultural or linguistic gaps, enabling you to communicate effectively and engage high-capacity partners who share your mission.

Addressing Your Organization’s Fundraising Philosophy (7 hours)

  1. Why and How to Develop a Biblical Theology of Fund-Raising.
  2. Your Fundraising Theology Should dictate your Fundraising Terminology.

Aligning Your Organization’s Fundraising Culture and Approach with Scripture (7 hours)

  1. The Bible on Possessions and Giving.
  2. Leading the Way Requires Knowing the Way (A New Focus and a New Culture for Giving).

Marketing and Messaging – Attracting High-Capacity Families (4 hours)

  1. How to have a formal, targeted role out of Stewardship Planning Ministry
  2. Private labeled materials (books, articles, videos, etc.)
    1. Creating customized Newsletters
    2. Drip Marketing Strategies (What to do and not do)

Development Staff Training (24 hours)

In this section, you’ll gain insight into the world of extremely affluent individuals. This knowledge will enable you to overcome obstacles and develop significant connections. By doing so, you’ll unlock their stewardship potential and create strategies to help them achieve their stewardship objectives with your nonprofit as their vehicle.

Understanding the World and Opportunities of Your Highest-Capacity Ministry Partners (8 hours)

  1. Ten Unique Stewardship Dilemmas Wealthy Christians Face and How it Impacts Their Giving.
  1. Extraordinary Giving Opportunities for Extraordinary Believers.

Helping Your High-Capacity Ministry Partners Overcome Barriers to Greater Giving (8 hours)

  1. Asking the Right Questions is Essential to Getting the Right Answers.
  2. Identifying and Overcoming the Five Major Barriers to Giving.
  3. The Collision Between a Biblical and a Secular Worldview in Planning and Giving.

How to Have More Intimate and Productive Conversations with Your Ministry Partners (8 hours)

  1. Learning to Ask Ministry Partners the Right Kinds of Questions.
  2. Looking for Noncash Giving Opportunities – “Don’t Write that Check!”

Stewardship Planning Services Training (20 hours)

You’ll learn the whole process, including handling legal and tax issues. Most importantly, you’ll discover the key questions to ask your partners. These questions will encourage partners to share their deepest desires, enabling them to make the most impact through stewardship.

Understanding the Stewardship Planning Process (10 hours)

  1. The Five Phases of the Stewardship Planning Process.
  2. Diverting Tax Dollars to Giving Dollars
  3. The Three Essential Questions Affluent Families Must Answer to be able to do

Comprehensive Stewardship Planning and Optimizing Giving

  1. How Much is Enough for Us?
  2. How Much is Enough for Our Heirs?
  3. What Are We Going to Do with What’s Left Over?
  4. How Major Giving is Directly Connected to and Influenced by Inheritance Planning.
  5. Reviewing the Stewardship Planning Questionnaire used in the Discovery Retreat (getting to the giving conversations in the proper order)
  1. Case Studies – before and after results – exponential increases in giving.

Understanding the Stewardship Planning Tools and Strategies (10 hours)

  1. Understanding and Using the Charitable Planning Tools.
  2. The Four Key Stewardship Planning Techniques Used to Optimize Kingdom Giving.
  3. Combining Various Planning Tools to Further Optimize Giving.
  4. The Power of the Stewardship Briefing for Enhanced Giving (Content and Methodology).

Weekly Coaching Calls

We conduct weekly coaching calls to help you apply all that you are learning in the day-
long, monthly training sessions and to hold you accountable for incorporating the needed
changes in your own personal life and the culture of your organization.

These coaching calls also give you an opportunity to “pick our brains” and ask questions or advise you on specific ministry partner situations that you encounter. It is intended to be
field experience coaching.

Services For Your Ministry Partners

Stewardship Briefings

As part of our coaching services, we will conduct Stewardship Briefings for your highest capacity supporters to introduce them to a radically different approach to financial and estate planning that is grounded in a biblical worldview instead of the traditional secular worldview that is routinely practiced in the industry.

We help them answer the three essential planning questions that must be answered if a family wants to do comprehensive planning. We will also provide attendees with a new way to think about inheritances for their families.

Discovery Retreats

For those families who attend a stewardship briefing, they are given the opportunity to take the next step and schedule an individual day-long Discovery Retreat with two of our team to help them gain clarity on exactly what they believe God wants them to do with all of the possessions that God has entrusted them to manage. This retreat is a deep dive into their personal histories, their families, the wealth they manage, and how to best steward it all.

As a result of this Discovery Retreat, the family will develop a detailed list of stewardship planning goals and objectives to help their advisors and the SRG planning team create a stewardship plan that achieves all of their planning goals and objectives. Because we see stewardship planning as far more of a spiritual exercise than a financial and a legal one, the questions we ask are much different than the questions they have been asked in the past and consequently they come up with totally different answers than they have in the past.

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Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.”

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.”